My Curriculum Vitae

I was born on September 1st 1963, third of three brothers, at Paola, a pleasant town looking on the Tirreno sea, where I attended my educational career until I got the “Maturità Classica” degree of the local official “Liceo Classico” Secondary School on July 1981.

At the age of eighteen I went to Rome to attend the Medicine and Surgery Faculty at the University “La Sapienza” where I entered in the Ac.Yr. 1981/1982 and where I got the Laurea Degree in Medicine and Surgery in October 1987, at the age of twenty-four, with marks “110/110 cum laude” (Magna cum Laude) and the discussion of a thesis on the surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Since the fourth year of my university career (in Italy, the Laurea Degree in Medicine and Surgery takes six years) I was an Intern Medical Student at the General Surgery Dept ruled by Prof Giorgio Ribotta (an all over Europe well reputed Surgeon and Teacher) who had Prof. Paride Stefanini as his mentor: this was the way I also had to get the surgical techniques of Mr Paride Stefanini.

In that period, I also entered the Erasmus program having the opportunity to attend the surgical dept at the Lublin University in Poland.

I got the fully certified license to practice Medicine and Surgery in 1987.

Then, I successfully passed the entry examination for Residency in Surgery at three Schools of Specialization and I decided to choose the General Surgery Residency at “La Sapienza” in Rome chaired by Prof Guido Castrini.

During my Residency period (began in Ac.Yr 1987/1988) I kept on working in the team of Prof G.Ribotta, together with Prof Fabio Procacciante.

On 23rd November 1990 I had the honour to be a member of the surgical team of Prof Nicola Basso who, in the pioneering period on laparoscopic surgery, performed that day the first videolaparoscopic colecisthectomy.

At the age of twenty-nine, in the Ac.Yr. 1991/1992, I was fully licensed as General Surgeon having successfully passed the final examination of my Residency with marks 70/70 cum Laude, also achieving the official praise as “the best doctor” of that School of Specialization at that time ruled by Prof. Raffaello Cortesini, and discussing a thesis on Laparoscopic Colecisthectomy.

Since 1989, I began to take interest in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery by attending, in Barcelona the “Clinica Planas” with Prof Jaime Planas and the “Teknon Clinic” with Prof Javier DeBenito and the “Barcelona Univeristy Plastic Surgery Dept” with Prof José Maria Serra Renom, and in Stockholm the Akademikliniken with Prof Per Heden.

Since February 1988 to October 1992 I got clinical experience also in General Medicine.

I entered many up-to-date courses on Cosmetic Surgery, in Italy and abroad, attending the operatory rooms of many outstanding surgeons like Paul Tessier, Jaime Planas, Ivo Pitanguy, Dean Toriumi, Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, Josè Guerrerosantos, Antonio R. Bozola, Jose Juri, Yves Illouz, Francis Otteni, L. Ribeiro, Claude Le Louarn, Giovanni Botti, Pierre Fournier, Claude Lassus, Madleine Lejour, Louis Benelli, Norbert Pallua, Albert  Hoffmann, Pat Maxwell and many others.

From 1994 to 1998 I was the chief assistant of Prof Amleto Gliosci, Chair of Plastic and Maxillo Facial Surgery at “Santo Spirito Hospital–Villa Betania” and also Prof of Plastic Surgery at the University of Naples, that I helped as a tutor of his in the Master of Cosmetic Surgery of the Società di Chirurgia Estetica Italiana.

I successfully was awarded the Second Level Univeristy Master in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the School of Specialization in Plastic Surgery at Padua Univeristy, ruled by Prof Franco Bassetto, with a personal mention and a praise, discussing a thesis on “Eyes’ Surgery, a revision of twenty years of personal practice”.

Then, I kept on up-to-dating in General Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery by attending first class courses at Hospital Doce de Octubre di Madrid prof Enrique Moreno Gonzàles, Policlinico San Marco di Zingonia prof. Lorenzo Novellino e prof. Giuseppe Pezzuoli, Ospedale Centrale di Bolzano prof. Armin Pycha, Hospital Universitari Bellvitge di Barcelona prof. Carlos Ballesta Lopez, Ospedale San Giovanni Addolorata di Roma prof. Cristiano Huscher and others.

Firstly registered at the Medical Federation of Cosenza from January 1988 to 1994, now (after moving to Rome) I am registered at the Medical Federation of Rome from 1994 until present days.

Presently, I am on the Principal List of the Register of Medical Practitioners – General Medical Council in London (UK Medical Federation), with Full Registration as a Medical Practitioner n. 7483731.

I am member at the n. 98 of the Special Register of Aesthetic Medical Doctors of the Medical Federation of Rome, issued in September 2009 e revalidated in 2014.

I published and write original works in international scientific journals of world importance with significant impact factor, and i’m referee for scientific important journals as Aestethic Plastic Surgery.
I wrote a book, world first, about the rejuvenation of the eye, with and with no the use of hyaluronic acid fillers and / or surgery, in two languages, Italian and English, published by Acta Medica in 2015.

I have been involved, as first operator, in more than 4 thousands surgical operations ranging from middle to highly difficult interventions.

From March 1991 until December 1995 as an assistant surgeon, and from January 1st 1996 to June 12nd 2014 as chief assistant surgeon in the Dept of Surgery

Since October 1st 2014, I have been appointed Consultant Surgeon for Oncoplastic, Plastic and General Surgery at Ospedale Regina Apostolorum at Albano Laziale.

I’m contract professor at the University of Rome G.Marconi, teaching at the II level Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and the II level Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness of the University of Palermo.

Actual Member of A.I.C.P.E. (Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica ed Estetica).

Formerly member of S.C.E.I. (Società di Chirurgia Estetica Italiana), of S.I.C.E (Società Italiana di Chirurgia Endoscopica), of S.I.C.O.P. (Società Italiana Chirurgica dell’Ospedalità Privata also as member of the Direction of the Latial Regional Council of this Society).

I have been invited as a speaker at many interview on broadcast as “La Vita in Diretta” su RAIUNO and as a writer on national known newspaper as “Sole 24 ore – Più Salute & Bellezza”.

I was awarded the prize “Premio Personalità Europea ’91 – Oscar dei Giovani 1991 per la Medicina” issued at the Campidoglio – Rome, December 12 1991.

I am the proud father of Ada Maria Francesca, beloved daughter born in 2002, whom I devote all my time out of medical duties as a father a friend and an example to follow.